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Direct access to skilled advisors

Do you want advice on how to improve your university application? Get trusted advice from the most qualified experts: undergraduates who’ve gotten into your preferred university. Message them directly on our secure platform.

Gamified system

Need motivation to study? DegreeKey has a gamified learning environment where you earn points for finishing learning materials and passing quick quizzes. You can use these points to upgrade your subscription or to access premium content.

Progress tracker

Success is the product of focus. With our built-in progress tracker, you can see how far along you are on your bespoke learning plan. It’ll keep you accountable and help you rapidly become a better candidate.

Expert recommendations

Want a taste of what studying a degree on-campus would be like? Our experts also review learning materials such as books, podcasts, videos, and more. DegreeKey’s AI algorithm will then suggest top-rated course materials based on your desired major.

University profiles

With so many great universities around the world, choosing one can be difficult. Each university on our platform has a detailed profile that gives you information such as student insights and application advice.

Automated email reminders

Between studying for class  and preparing for university, there’s a lot on your plate. To make sure you don’t miss your lessons on DegreeKey, we’ll send you email reminders to keep you on track.

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