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DegreeKey believes in leveling the playing field for all prospective students trying to get accepted in the world’s best universities. That’s why we created a platform that gives you everything you need for success. From study plans, to expert mentorship, to incentivized learning, it’s all here at DegreeKey.

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For Students

Get the inside track when applying to the best universities around the world. Talk to experts who can give you practical advice on how to study for entrance exams and how to write winning personal statements. Gain access to a bespoke learning plan that’s tailor-fitted to your chosen university and degree.

Let our AI-powered algorithm recommend additional learning materials for you. Last but not the least, earn points for finishing lessons and passing tests—and use them to upgrade your plan or unlock connections to more experts.

Our Values


We recognise that ambition is only half the equation for success. We strive to give every student the best chance at getting into the best universities by giving them the support they need. DegreeKey also levels the playing field for schools, as it enables them to send more of their students to top-notch universities.


When students sign up for DegreeKey, they gain access to experts who currently study and work at the world’s best universities. Because of this, they are able to provide crucial insight that applicants cannot find anywhere else. Each expert is handpicked by the university, ensuring that they provide trustworthy mentorship to students.


We believe that it’s time to innovate the way students prepare for university. That’s why we created a platform that serves as a one-stop shop for students, schools, and universities to connect, collaborate, and consult. Our AI algorithm also suggests the best learning materials to students, helping them ace their entrance exams.


We do our job with the same passion students exert in pursuing their dream university. When you work with DegreeKey, we guarantee excellent service and customer support. Because we know that we’re not just helping with academics—we’re also shaping someone’s future.

For Students
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